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Jennifer Hoffman
Jen is the heart and soul of LAUGH. She is a woman who listens to the whispers and nudges of God and then is fearlessly obedient. She has a heart and passion to help women embrace the concept that they are more than their circumstances. They are more than what they are dealing with. Jen lives and breathes this philosophy and leads by example. She is our LAUGH CEO. Jen’s genuine smile permeates the love of Christ to anyone who meets her. She exudes a warmth and an air of encouragement that speaks to the inner most places of women. She knows the importance of authentic community and strives to create an atmosphere through LAUGH where women are being embraced, encouraged and equipped to carry this movement to their realms of responsibilities. Jen is a co-founder of LAUGH, a former Interior Designer, the “Can Do” woman behind our LAUGH website and an incredible mom to her three kids. She has been married to her Superman for 23 years.


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