“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love”

EPH 4:2


Life can be so difficult sometimes and I’m reminded that we all need to respect one another, for our similarities, differences, struggles and triumphs.

I’m currently in a difficult season with an Alzheimer’s Disease diagnosis for an aging parent.  As the short term memory slips away and simple daily tasks become cumbersome; an inability to reason and problem solve; and the long-term memory reminding him that he still “has it all going on” I’m faced with the need for patience and ongoing respect. Being a medical professional I’ve worked with clients and families going through the same situation, however, I  have a newfound respect for all of them, as I find myself actually “living” it now, as they have done.

This is a man who’s provided for his family, been reliable, supportive and loving.  He’s now faced with the need for 24-hour caregivers, money management tasks being performed by someone other than himself and being reminded that he isn’t making good decisions.  So hard to take and just as hard to have to explain.

I must remember to respect who he was and who he is today, while providing for his needs that he is no longer able to manage himself, all while remaining patient, even if I’m hearing the same story for the 100th time.  I want to allow him as much freedom and independence as possible, for as long as possible, while managing to maintain a safe environment for him as well.


Prayer guides me, communication with family confirms me, and knowing God holds me in his precious hands to provide me (and dad) the hedge of protection we need, sustains me.  

God, thank you for your ongoing guidance, every day.

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Leone Kirklin
Leone has a quiet, gentle spirit that is continually ensuring the overall wellbeing of our LAUGH leadership. She is a wonderful sounding board and an amazing listener, always ready to offer wisdom and support our LAUGHers in their overall health journey. A RN by trade, she has a natural depth of caring that goes beyond surface level and nurtures the soul. Leone is a breath of fresh air with her ability to speak the truth in love. Her deep faith and love for the Lord shines through in her words and her deeds. She is a prayer warrior for our LAUGH board and covers us with eloquence and honesty as she seeks God’s guidance for us. Leone has a servant’s heart and has taken on the role of treasurer for LAUGH. She is the go to person for our LAUGH Spirit Shop sales and our seasonal wear. She is organized like no other and we would be lost without her. Leone and her husband Scott are enjoying empty nesting as their five children have all graduated college and have started lives of their own. She enjoys being a grandma to her two adorable grandkids.



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