“I will search for the lost and bring back the strays……..”   EZE 34:16

Ah, the excitement of readying ourselves for vacation. The packing and list making (of items not to be forgotten), locating sunscreen, swimsuits and water shoes not seen for a couple of seasons; purchasing with anticipation, the new items we didn’t think we could travel without and overpacking layers of clothing possibly needed for the changing weather. Little did I know, the weather in the Hawaiian Islands is as steady and consistent as it comes. Unencumbered blue sky (not a cloud to be seen for miles), easy breezes and temperatures 72-80 degrees EVERY SINGLE DAY! Ahhhhhhhhh vacation.

What I didn’t remember was the anxiety of not knowing the roads, landscape and directions for traveling from one location to another. Thank heavens for the GPS app on our phones.  With a few clicks of the buttons, suddenly we have the map and step by step directions to whatever location we want, simple, right? Not so fast, seasoned traveler, we have surprises in store for your adventure!!

My husband decided he didn’t wish to return to “real life” and was going to take up residence on the big island of Hawaii, so he set forth looking for real estate. After a walk by of a realty office and a quick glance at the advertised property, he settled on the purchase of a small coffee, macadamia nut, avocado farm. No worries that we know nothing of farming…..anything at all, in fact, we have been known to botch the growth of tomatoes.  Nevertheless, we plugged the address into the GPS and set out to view the farm. After several turn arounds, choice words and a discussion about giving up the hunt, we located the property, literally on the side of a mountain, with a steep single lane driveway at a nearly 90-degree angle and precarious, loose stones and gravel.

During the hunt, the GPS kept “recalculating” as we completed one turn around after another.  I was struck by how often I “recalculate” my journey with God. How at times I find myself on the wrong road and need to turn around or select a different path. Although I may stumble or slip on the loose stones, or find I need to “recalculate”, I know He holds me solidly in His hands.


So, we passed on the farm and returned to “real life”, rejuvenated in the security of God and His GPS that awaits us, wherever we may be.

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Leone Kirklin
Leone has a quiet, gentle spirit that is continually ensuring the overall wellbeing of our LAUGH leadership. She is a wonderful sounding board and an amazing listener, always ready to offer wisdom and support our LAUGHers in their overall health journey. A RN by trade, she has a natural depth of caring that goes beyond surface level and nurtures the soul. Leone is a breath of fresh air with her ability to speak the truth in love. Her deep faith and love for the Lord shines through in her words and her deeds. She is a prayer warrior for our LAUGH board and covers us with eloquence and honesty as she seeks God’s guidance for us. Leone has a servant’s heart and has taken on the role of treasurer for LAUGH. She is the go to person for our LAUGH Spirit Shop sales and our seasonal wear. She is organized like no other and we would be lost without her. Leone and her husband Scott are enjoying empty nesting as their five children have all graduated college and have started lives of their own. She enjoys being a grandma to her two adorable grandkids.


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